How it works:

  1. Cleanses start every week on Wednesday so your order must be received by Tuesday at 7:00 am.

  2. You must be able to pick up your juices everyday either morning or afternoon so they remain fresh (and you get the full benefit)

    3. You must order and pay online prior to picking up the cleanse, or come in to the store

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Day 1: 5 Cold Pressed juices + cashew milk

Kickstarter (celery, orange, pineapple)

Champagne (celery, fuji apple, lemon, pear)

Granny’s Tonic ( granny smith apple, kale, zucchini, bell pepper)

Tulsa Salsa (tomato, lime, cucumber, parsley)

Cashew milk

HeartBeet (carrot, beet, celery, spinach)

Day 2: 5 Cold Pressed juices + Banana Juice Blend

Mint to Be (pineapple, fuji apple, mint, coconut water)

Taste the Rainbow (orange, pineapple, blueberry)

Celery Juice

Happy Tummy (carrot, cabbage, celery)

Banana juice blend (banna, raspberry, dates, blueberry, spinach, granny smith apple)

Find Your Beet (zucchini, kale, pear, beet, green apple, radish)

Day 3: 5 Cold Pressed juices + Avocado Juice Blend

Colden driller (grapefruit, apple, lemon)

Sweet Slimdown (carrot, red apple, celery)

Taste the Garden (green apple, bell pepper, swiss chard, cucumber)

Detox Delight (pineapple, kiwi, strawberry, lime)

Avocado juice (avocado, spinach, cucumber, green apple)

Brain Food (sweet potato, cauliflower, carrot)

Day 4: 5 Cold Pressed juices + Banana Juice Blend

Mint to Be

Taste the Rainbow

Celery Juice

Happy Tummy

Banana juice blend

Find Your Beet

Day 5: 5 Cold Pressed juices + Cashew Milk



Granny’s Tonic

Tulsa Salsa

Cashew milk


Day 6: 5 Cold Pressed juices + Banana Juice Blend

Mint to Be

Taste the Rainbow

Celery Juice

Happy Tummy

Banana juice blend

Find Your Beet

Day 7: 5 Cold Pressed juices + Avocado Juice Blend

Colden driller

Sweet Slimdown

Taste the Garden

Detox Delight

Avocado juice

Brain Food

Juice Cleanse 101

Benefits of a Juice Cleanse: I’m sure your main question is why. Why should I do a juice cleanse? There are numerous benefits of a juice cleanse for the body, mind, and overall wellbeing. It is hard to even encompass this topic fully in a short paragraph, and we have seen (and had ourselves) numerous personal testimonies from restored energy, greater flexibility, and reduced inflammation, to blood tests that showed greatly improved heart health and restored liver function! But I will try to highlight the top ways that a juice cleanse helps your body get these results, by helping it do what it was made to do- heal and function fully! A fresh fruit and vegetable juice cleanse helps the body heal, by providing the nutrients the body needs to rebuild and operate properly. It also cleanses the body from the toxins that we have been putting into it through processed foods, foods containing chemicals and toxins, environmental toxins, stress, and lack of sleep.

The following information on how exactly juice does all this is borrowed from Dr Joel C Robbins in his book “Juicing for Health” which we will have available for purchase at cost if you want more information.

Fresh fruit and vegetable juice provides:

-Live Nutrition- Our bodies were designed to operate on living, unprocessed, and nontoxic nutrients. The more we do to a fruit or vegetable in preparation for eating (for example, cooking, seasoning, preserving), the less value remains. Fresh juice provides absolute live nutrition.

-Easy Assimilation- Assimilation encompasses the digestion, absorption, and processing of nutrients by the liver. Most people who have consumed less-than-ideal diets over the years have degenerated (to various degrees) their bodies ability to assimilate efficiently the nutrients available in fresh fruits and vegetables. Juicing bypasses this problem because it breaks food down into such small particles that very little digestive and absorptive effort is required. Thus a very high percentage of the nutrients consumed in the juice is assimilated.

-Energy Conservation- Our bodies expend a tremendous amount of energy digesting food. This is why we feel sleepy after a big meal. The body must divert energy from staying awake to digestion because there is not enough available to do both efficiently. Since the digestion and assimilation of juiced nutrients needs very little energy, the body conserves a tremendous amount of energy, which is then available for healing and cleansing processes.

-Concentrated Nutrients- When fruits and vegetables are juiced, the nutrient count is concentrated. Even if you eat the same amount of vegetables that go into a glass of juice, you will get more nutrients from the juice. In fact, you must eat several salads to get the amount of nutrition contained in four ounces of fresh vegetable juice! The same is true for fruits. This is because the assimilation factor is so much higher for juice than eating the raw food.

-A Great Vitamin and Mineral Food Supplement- One of the best investments you can make for your health and the health of your family is to purchase juice, or juice yourself at home. Consume at least four ounces of fresh juice daily, even when not on a juice cleanse or diet. No vitamin or mineral supplement can begin to compare to the value that fresh juice will give to your health and life.

Fresh juice is the greatest and most efficient way to start and maintain the healing process.

Our Method

Our Cleansing Method: Our juice cleanse begins with more fruit forward juices in the morning, to get your body started and your blood sugar up after the night. We move toward more veggie forward juices in the afternoon and evening, to help you fill up and keep you steady. You also want to avoid unnecessary sugar before bedtime because your body will not have a chance to use the energy, and will end up storing it instead.

You need to drink minimum ½ gal of juice per day while you are on a cleanse which is 4 juices, but you may feel you need to drink more. That is totally fine! It will not hinder your cleanse but will help keep you from getting hungry. This is why we have included 5 juices, plus a nut milk or juice blend each day. We want to make sure you have the best chance of completing your cleanse!

When it comes to how we put our juice blends together, there are some standards we follow rigidly. We don’t mix acidic juices (tomato, citrus) with starches (carrot, potato) on our cleanse, because it has been found that our bodies produce different enzymes for different types of food, and the acid hinders the enzymes that digest starch. This makes your digestion work harder and takes away a benefit of the juice cleanse- a break for your digestive system.

We also don’t mix most fruit with vegetables, as that can also hinder digestion. There are a few exceptions- apples mix well with vegetable juices, and celery, kale, and other lettuces mix well with most fruit juices.

We want you to get the most out of your cleanse, so we have tried to make it as beneficial to your body as possible, while not giving you anything that would hinder the cleansing process. Which is why, as you may notice, we did not add any herbs or spices other than parsley. We even took the ginger out of the Colden Driller. We did this because, while yummy, and containing health benefits, most herbs also contain known toxins. This activates a stimulating response in your body, which hinders the cleansing process. It causes your liver to have to worry about more incoming toxins, instead of just focusing on cleansing and ridding your body of the built up toxins. That is not what we want! So while we love it for our normal menu, we have chosen to make our cleanse free of anything that would stand in the way of the very best results for you! Parsley is an exception, it does not produce that response, but has many amazing benefits for your heart and other systems in your body. Yay parsley!


How much water do I need to drink while cleansing? You also should continue to drink at least 8 cups of water per day while on the cleanse.

How much juice do I drink at one time? On a juice cleanse, you should be sipping on the juice all throughout the day, which will keep you from getting hungry. Your body can only handle digesting 8 oz of juice per hour, so continually sipping is the best way to get the most nutrition and rest for you digestion, while keeping you satisfied throughout the day! Our juices are 16oz, so they are more than one serving.

Can I stick with my regular exercise routine on the cleanse? Take it easy! Your energy may be low especially the first couple of days. So tone down your exercise program and give your body more rest! It is doing a hard job cleaning out, healing, repairing and reorganizing things that were out of alignment, be kind to it!

Is there anything I can eat, in addition to the juices, if I get very hungry or feel the need to chew? If you feel the need, you may eat one handful of raw nuts per day (chew thoroughly!), an avocado, or a piece of fruit.

What if I can’t have one of the juices on the cleanse? Need to make some substitutions? No problem! We can make alterations on juices, or we have optional juices that are plain apple, plain celery, and plain carrot to replace any juice you would rather not have.
Well this is embarrassing… how often should my body be… ahem… “cleansing”? You should continue to “cleanse” every day. You may find yourself “cleansing” several times a day at the beginning of your juice cleanse. If you find there is a day you have not “cleansed”, we are providing psyllium husk powder for you to add to your juice to help things along.

Did your prices go up for the cleanse? You may notice our price is a bit higher than our last cleanse- that’s for several reasons.

  1. We added 16 brand new juices to this cleanse!! For our 3 day cleanse you will never have the same juice! The amount of nutrition you will get in your body from the variety of fruits and veggies is incredible. This also means we needed to develop and train our employees on all new juices, which takes A LOT of time and energy. We are so excited for you to try the fruits of our labor! (pun intended)

  2. We switched to all organic produce and nuts, which means a way better product, free of pesticides or insecticides which would hinder the cleansing process and harm your body! Because we cold press our juice, you get all of that amazing nutrition without losing any beneficial nutrients, minerals, or enzymes  Sadly, it does also mean a higher cost per juice for us, so we have had to adjust a bit for that cost. We greatly believe in organic and want you to have the best juice possible!

  3. We are giving you 5 juices, as well as a juice blend -fresh pressed juice mixed with either a banana or avocado, which are great for cleansing but cannot be juiced- or nut milk each day this cleanse, which is one more per day than our previous cleanse to ensure you get enough nutrition.

Have a different questions?

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