Parker Van's 5 Day Cleanse


Spilling the Tea on Juice

Here’s what I learned from my 5 day juice cleanse…

Well hello there beautiful juicers! my name is Parker Van or as my bffs call me, Sparky. I am fairly new to the whole health and nutrition scene, so what the 411? Apparently raw fruit and vegetable juice is a gorgeous little health moment! My whole life it’s basically been eat what I can find and for some reason that’s mostly been things not adding any nutritional value to my diet. This lethargic habit of a convenient diet left me feeling bloated, tired, and plain out crusty!

I chose to do a five day cleanse because I wanted to push my self to see if juicing held the answers to my questions of why my body not holding up to every day life. AND GIRL, it was a PUSH! But, definitely in the right direction. 
I would preface a juice cleanse with saying that it is not for the faint of heart. Cleansing is for those who are taking their body and health seriously, cause those double stuffed Oreos glimmer way too much in the 11 o’clock moon light. My first couple of days were not what I expected. 
I struggled with caffeine headaches and some focus issues, but surprisingly hunger was not my biggest competition on day 1 and 2. I thought it would be an equation like this: no food + only juice = starvation, but i was surprised to see how much the juices kept me fueled through out my long days.

My second challenge was drinking the juice. NO, not because how it tasted, trust me you’re in for a treat. We have some off-menu gems in our cleanses. Taste is something I thought would be a struggle for me, was not an issues at all. My body (and brain) seemed to be refreshed at the taste of something so raw and pure. My fight was actually drinking 6 juices through out the whole of the day. It seemed like a lot. I found myself on day 3 strategically planning at what times I must start and finish each juice.

Altogether, day 3 and 4 seemed to be when things started jiving for me. My headaches had passed, and I felt light and attentive all day. It seemed like I was more present in my own body. No pressurized bloating. No after meal grogginess. No fried food icky oily feeling. My only issue at this point was my bowel movements weren’t as regular as they should have been. That was a quick fix! I stopped into the store and pick up some psyllium husk to mix with one of my juices, and BAM regular again.

Cleansing was a true reset for me and made a lasting impression. I now noticed myself craving more authentic and natural foods since coming off a couple days ago. What once seemed appealing in my previous diet has lost its shine in my eyes. I did lose some weight, but honestly that wasn’t a highlight for me, because I am more than comfortable in my skin. What sold it for me was the realization of not having to feel out of it after every meal. Your food (fuel) is supposed to do the opposite! That could seem simple to some, but for me it was something i hadn’t learned yet.

Thanks for reading folks! I would love to answer any questions about cleansing or my experience in store! So stop by and glance at our cleanse pamphlets and grab some fresh cold pressed juice right from our grab’n go fridge!

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