Jennifer's 3 Day Cleanse


Jennifer’s 3 Day Cleanse

What I didn’t know I needed

Hey there! Jennifer here to share a little bit about my 3-day cleanse experience that I completed a few weeks back.

WOW! this juice cleanse saved my butt! Not only did it help me nutritionally but it also helped other parts of my life too. Before my cleanse I was getting lazy and eating out way to often because it was easy and cheap.

This juice cleanse was a reminder that I HAVE to find time for food! I can’t skip meals and I can’t cheat because it’s easy! Our personal health in the long run is far more important than the crazy schedules we have right now!

Some of the benefits I saw during this cleanse was: improved skin, decreased bloating, increase in natural energy levels and it saved me hours I would’ve spent preparing and making 3 days worth of food!!

I will 100% be doing a juice cleanse again!! I needed this cleanse more than I realized and you might too!

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