Chandler's 3 Day Cleanse Experience


Chandler’s Cleanse Experience

A 3 day reset

Hello everyone! Chandler here to tell you about my experience with our 3 day juice cleanse!

I was actually super excited to do this, as it would be a good challenge and i’ve always wanted to try a juice cleanse, but honestly super scared. I am a huge food lover, so the thought of not eating any food for 3 whole days was not ideal.

The first day was actually the easiest. I wasn’t every super hungry and was very satisfied and energized! Second day, to be completely honest, hit hard. Definitely do not torture yourself by surrounding yourself with other people eating! Third day was a breeze, but i was so excited to eat that next morning!

In the end, i was happy with the juice cleanse! I didn’t weigh myself before or after, or work out during the cleanse, but i could for sure see and feel a difference in my body inside and out!

I was so proud of myself for staying strong and sticking to the cleanse and hope to do it again soon! If you get the chance, you definitely need to give it a shot!

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