Naya's 3 Day Cleanse Review


So I did a 3 day cleanse

And it went a little something like this…

So I was super nervous thinking about starting my first juice cleanse. I honestly didn't think I would be able to go three days without physically eating food. But the day came and I told myself I would push through, and complete it fully.

On day one the hardest part for me was drinking each juice slowly and not all at once. I wanted to just chug them because they tasted so good! By the end of the day, shockingly, I wasn’t hungry like I thought I would be. My body felt satisfied by the juices.

Day two I was a little lower on energy but I felt good. On this day I did have a handful of nuts, not because I was hungry but because I just missed chewing something.

On day three I didn’t even end up drinking all the juices provided because my body felt full. And thats what was such a surprise to me. I thought each day I would be starving but it was the opposite. Even my cravings for foods went down.

Overall Thoughts: The cleanse went by super quick, and it made my body feel renewed, and my skin even caught some of the benefits. I know it was only three days but personally I feel like my skin was improved by it. My goal for this cleanse was to detox and get rid of toxins building up. I wasn’t looking to lose any weight, but I did end up losing three pounds.

For anyone having doubts about starting a juice cleanse i say just do it! There are so many benefits to it, and plus your body will love you for it! For more on my cleanse experience, check out my vlog!